The 70 Armies of God

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Los 70 Ejercitos de Adonai 2 Ingles

The 70 Armies of God for Peace for His Mercy

The 70 Armies of God for Peace for His Mercy, is a worldwide movement, which seeks to reap the Mercy of God to achieve a world of peace, sowing the mercy of men and women in every corner of the world.


Achieve a world of peace in which "Swords will become plowshares, and the sword of one nation will not rise against another nation, nor be trained for war any more any longer" (Isaiah 2: 4)


To invite all people of all social groups from all the peoples of the world to perform acts of mercy. Organize individual and group mercy actions in each locality. Spreading the way to find the peace of the Lord that comes only of his mercy; and that the Mercy of God alone can reap it sowing the mercy of men and women in the field of the children of God who need our help. (Lev 26: 3,6; Mat 5: 7).


- Make mercy a doctrine of life (Isa 58: 6-10, Matt 5: 7, Mat 25: 34-36)

- Make every act of mercy an offering to God for peace in your homeland and in Israel, so that peace extends to everything in the world. (Gen 22:18, Isa 2: 2-3, John 4:22)

- Unity in acts of mercy of for all persons people without distinction or discrimination of belief systems, social groups, race, religion, nationality or political group. (Núm 15:15; Deu 16:14) 

- Everything proposed in this document is solely of the Word of the Lord. (Isa 2: 3)


- Breaking bread with the hungry, (Isa 58: 7, Matt 25:35)

- Dressing him who has no clothes, (Isa 58: 7, Matt 25:36)

- Shelter the poor wanderer, without a home (Isa 58: 7, Matt 25:35)

- Visiting the sick and those in prison (Mat 25:36)

- To act with justice without impairing the rights of others (Isa 58: 6, Miq 6: 8, Mat 25:40)

- Search for the Messiah our Lord, among the brothers who need help, because in them is He (Mat 25:40)


With the actions of mercy, as a norm of life, we hope:


- Personal spiritual elevation overcoming selfishness, sharing with the needy brothers (Isa 58:10)

- Obtain personal and family prosperity (Isa 58:12)

- The healing of diseases faster and better (Isa 58:11)

- The permanent good health, therefore, the prolongation of the youth (Isa 58:11)

- Personal and family peace and security (Lev 26: 3-6)

- Being recognized by the Messiah in personal judgment (Mat 25: 31-42)


- Harvest the Mercy of God and attain Universal Peace (Lev 26: 3-6)

- The prosperity of peoples (Isaiah 58:12)

- The harmony of nature for the climate (Lev 26: 3-4)

- The harmony of nature for the telluric movements (Lev 26: 3-5)

- The reversal of climate change (Lev 26: 3-5)

- The reversal of the sixth extinction of the planet (Lev 26: 3-5)

- The coming of the Messiah without the prophesied Great Tribulation (John 3:10, Matt 24:22, 24:27, Mar 13:19, 13:26;


- The Jewish sages say that when God spoke to the Israelites in the wilderness to give them the commandments, it could be understood in 70 languages ​​that represented all the nations of the earth. The 70 Armies are armies of mercy and peace for all the nations of the earth.

- They are armies for a very hard and permanent battle, against the inner selfishness of each one, and social egoism.

- They are armies to conquer in the final battle of Armageddon, against the darkness inside each person. Selfishness, hatred and evil within each one of us is the only thing that hinders us and prevents us from enjoying the mercy of God and therefore of universal peace.

- "The 70 Hosts of God" is a biblical name, born of the teachings of the Jews, and because it is prophesied that the Jews will first become merciful and peace will come to the promised land, and then these teachings and peace will come to all the peoples of the earth. And all the peoples of the earth will ascend to the Holy Mount of God in Jerusalem, to recognize the Messiah as Lord of all creation and bow before the greatness of the Mercy of Our Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


- It does not matter what religion you have, or if you are an atheist. You can join in a personal, group, congregation or church.

- You do not need to change your current life, or your way of thinking; only add to your life the works of mercy indicated in the COMMITMENT OF MERCY.

- Search and locate in the neighborhood, in your district or your city, the people dispossessed and with necessities of support and attends their needs; do it alone or with your team. And that "Your right hand does not know what the left does."

- It seeks by all means, that the people who contribute for the works of mercy, participate personally in the attention to the needy. For it is as important as to quench the hunger of our brethren, that the hearts of the people be changed; and participating in actions of mercy feeling the human warmth of our brother, is an opportunity to change our heart overcoming inner selfishness.

- The "Great Tribulation" must and can be avoided more than by the fight against hunger in the world, by the change towards goodness in the hearts of men. The love of God makes us know the prophecies of tribulation, to give us the opportunity to avoid them by changing our behavior, as did the Ninevites.

- Get in touch with the Central or Local Committee of "The 70 Armies of God", to coordinate, the diffusion of this movement; and spread your actions of mercy without mentioning names only pseudonyms.

- "The 70 Armies of God for Peace for His Mercy" will not ask you for an economic contribution or in goods for mercy actions. It is preferable that the merciful, personal help be direct to the brothers in need, so the contact with the Messiah, in them, will also be direct. Likewise, being in contact with the pain of others will help to combat personal selfishness and spiritual cleansing. But yes, we will receive contributions for the dissemination of this movement.

- May the mercy of God always shine on you.

Jerusalem, October 2017

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*translated by: Adam Opacki